Hard Skills and Competencies.

Program Management

M and E, Analysis and Conceptualization

Adept at development of program monitoring, evaluation and learning tools; log frames, MEAL plans, accountability tools, grievance redress systems, RACI and Risk matrices, Reporting templates and evaluation plans AND applying these in real time project management and evaluation. fields of experience include maternal and newborn health, ASRH, catastrophic shock resilience, nutrition, climate change adaptation & resilience, land-use and restoration, ecosystem management, private sector investment, experience in value chains and markets, Incentive payment schemes assessments.

Data Manipulation

Design, Implementation and Deployment

Able to apply data manipulation skills to effectively source for data, organize, clean, explore and draw meaningful insights for adaptive management practices. My expertise cuts across business intelligence tools like Power Query, Excel, Python, Tableau, Microsoft Power BI and R.

Web Development

App UX design, testing and execution

Solution focused, and as such very skilled in bringing ideas to modern day web based solutions. I am experienced in using coding languages to create and troubleshoot web based applications, while also cognizant of new CMS technology like WordPress that make work easier.


Reporting, Git and project mapping.

Excellent communication skills both written and spoken, enabling me to be an impactful communicator. I have led teams in collaborative work resulting to well documented and archived work for scaleup, reference and records.
In M and E, if it isn't documented, then it wasn't done.

Critical Thinking.

I possess critical analytical skills that help me draw factual and hypothetical conclusions to modern day problems. I pride myself in the ability to analyze, discern and come up with best case scenarios that leverage on efficiency to get things done. This makes me a value addition to creative projects.

Soft skills


Having overseen multiple diverse teams into successful project delivery, I have proven and demonstrated skill in coordination and providing direction to achieve a common goal.

Tech savvy

Exemplary knowledge and use of productivity tools and AI to increase efficiency.

Self Motivated

High level of self-awareness and self-development with the maturity to deal with constructive feedback and the willingness and ability to use accountability a a yardstick for integrity

Time conscious

I know the value of time to achieving results, and
I work toward ensuring I maximize this valuable resource to humanity's advantage.


My ability to let my mind wander gives me the edge to believe there is no limitation to possibility. This keeps me on toes, competitive and ahead of the pack in terms of coming up with solutions.