Skills & Competencies

Programming languages

SQL /Python / R. / Spreadsheets.

Adept at use of programming languages to create, Gather, find patterns in data and draw insightful conclusion from in-depth analysis



Exceptional skill in website design using WordPress, employing all functionality to preform whatever task it is intended for

Computer Software and Hardware

Desktops and Laptops

Mastery of the inner workings and structure of Most desktop and laptop computers. proper troubleshooting and repair skills

Data Visualization

Tableau, Excel, Power Bi

Advanced data visualization and presentation skills for Big data and all structured quantitative information data

Communication & Problem Solving

MS Office Suite

Use of the Microsoft range of communications, collaboration and documentation suite to be effective

Contextual Experience

Program Management

M and E, Analysis and Conceptualization

Spearheaded the design, development and testing of an electronic mobile register targeting over 600,000 households. The mobile register is the primary program database for enrolling and tracking over 14 interventions provided to the households. Through the system, the program team is able to track progress and analyze various implementation models to determine the most optimal combinations

Data Manipulation

Design, Implementation nd Deployment

Developed a real-time and static information dashboards using PowerBI and Tableau to visualize program interventions, tracking key milestones and indicators, and enabling project teams to take early action on areas that were not performing as per the projections.

Web Development

App UX design, testing and execution

Been developing and deploying web apps contextualized to client needs for the past 7 years.


Git and project mapping.

Development of tools and guidelines for data collection, collation and reporting, for instance ensure that projects have clear MEAL plans, IPTT as well as tracking of total beneficiary reach.

App development

Led the application design team in market research and data collection, and subsequent development of the two applications: A digital Partograph that effectively monitored and gave alerts on the progress of labour in pregnancy. This early detection system made it easier for health workers to make timely real time decisions on labour and avoid labour related complications. The second tool was a digital version of level-1 community health system data collection tools for community health volunteers. This tool helped bridge the gap between services rendered at community level and professional health services at facilities. The tool improved health seeking behavior among vulnerable society members.

Tool Proficiency




Kobo /Ona / Commcare / ODK

P.M. tools

Excel Spreadsheets


Cloud Computing


Power Bi

Report writing

Computer Hardware